Spear - trailer / by Miska Mandic

I was pretty chuffed to get to make the trailer for 'Spear' a film by Stephen Page featuring Bangarra Dance Company. I'm a big fan of dance films in general, AND I'm a big fan of Bangarra dance company. It was such a joy to be a small cog in the machine of this affecting and important film.

Spear is the story of a young Aboriginal man named Djali (performed by Hunter Page-Lochard) exploring the space between the history and traditions of his people, and life as a man in urban-Australia.  "One foot in each world, a heart in none" as Aaron Pedersen's character Suicide Man says in the film.

Bonnie Elliot's cinematography is like poetry. Unassuming but so powerful. The locations are mesmerising - from the geometry of those strange square rocks by the seaside, all the way to the urban, monolithic defiance of Redfern's brutalist towers. The choreography is exciting and innovative; it ranges from the personal and spiritual, to romantic, to defiant, all the way to fresh and funny. Spear evokes the connection of Aboriginal people to land and country, as well as spirituality and family.

Spear will have very limited screenings unfortunately so check out the website to find out if there's something happening near you.