You have lived well, the alien said. by Miska Mandic

In 2015 my fairy godmother Samuel Icklow asked me to edit his short film Angel. Hopefully I'll get to link to something more comprehensive on this soon because it's an exciting project, but for now I'll say only that this meant spending two months in LA, and the opportunity of an American holiday at the end of the project was not to be missed!

So, in August Luke came to join me in LA and we treated ourselves to an amazing trip. We drove from LA along the 1 to Big Sur, and then all the way to the Bay area, where we stayed in Oakland - a 10 minute train ride to San Francisco. On the way back we drove through and stayed in Yosemite (and saw a bear, deer and a coyote!) and then the trip back, nestled between the Sierra Nevada and the wide open plains of Death Valley, was truly spectacular.


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