Single Use Project by Miska Mandic

I'm currently creating a series of photographs and videos exploring single-use packaging culture.

So many of the things we buy every day come packaged in layers of plastic, paper, styrofoam; all to be instantly discarded once we get it home. What we don’t often consider is the effect this has on our environment. A plastic water bottle, or a plastic container for example, has already gone through an elaborate process before reaching the shop; oil is extracted from the ground, shipped to a refinery, turned into plastic, shaped and then trucked to the store. This process - as well as the process of recycling that ideally should follow - is energy, water and carbon dioxide intensive, and takes many months to complete. Not to mention that 80% of water bottles don’t get recycled at all, but rather end up in landfill; by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans.

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Spear - trailer by Miska Mandic

I was pretty chuffed to get to make the trailer for 'Spear' a film by Stephen Page featuring Bangarra Dance Company. I'm a big fan of dance films in general, AND I'm a big fan of Bangarra dance company. It was such a joy to be a small cog in the machine of this affecting and important film.

Spear is the story of a young Aboriginal man named Djali (performed by Hunter Page-Lochard) exploring the space between the history and traditions of his people, and life as a man in urban-Australia.  "One foot in each world, a heart in none" as Aaron Pedersen's character Suicide Man says in the film.

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