My Baby Loves Me


Music video for Sydney band Devotional's single 'My Baby Loves Me (All the Time)'.

‘My Baby Loves Me (All the Time)’ is a song that for me is as fun as it is dangerous. I really wanted to make a video that didn’t take itself too seriously, had some fun, some beauty and some danger. In the guitars I heard an impatient kind of lust and longing and frustration, and in the vocals I head a kind of beautiful insanity, a yearning and a power. I wanted to take what lyrically seems like a love song “my baby loves me all the time” and turn it into what it represents to me sonically, which is a rotten kind of love; something where an element of danger or possession or anger or violence has disrupted the relationship.



Shot on Canon 7D and 5D and edited n FCP7.

Directing, editing, production by Miska Mandic.

Thanks to Marieka Walsh, Laura Nagy, Linda Marigliano, Matt Van Schie and Alex Grigg for lending gear, time and clothes.