A selection of my editing work. Click on the images to watch projects or see more info.


The Howling Girls by Sydney Chamber Opera - Editor

Commissioned by Carriageworks, this is a series of three short videos documenting the development of The Howling Girls by the Sydney Chamber Opera; a work that sees soprano Jane Sheldon taking singing, breathing and noise-making to dizzying heights. Created by director Adena Jacobs, composer Damien Ricketson and soprano Jane Sheldon; featuring a chorus of teenage girls from The House that Dan Built.

Shot by Bonnie Elliott.

Edited on Premiere, 2018.


Katharina Grosse at Carriageworks - Promotional Videos / Exhibition Video Editor

Videos for Carriageworks' Katharina Grosse exhibition. She is full of thoughtful insights about the conservative nature of the art-world, inequality, the way a spray-gun allows access to an ‘“un-interruped thought in yellow”, how a painting  is a membrane the artist walks through to reach the audience, and so much more.. A real joy to edit down her interview.

Shot by Bonnie Elliott.

Edited on Premiere, 2017.


Sweet Country - First Assistant Editor

Feature film by Warwick Thornton (Samson & Delilah) starring Hamilton Morris, Natassia Gorey Furber, Sam Niel, Bryan Brown and Matt Day. I was the First Assistant Editor to Nick Meyers throughout the five month process; from the production period in Alice Springs, to post production in Sydney.

Directed by Warwick Thornton.
Edited by Nick Meyers.

Winner of 2018 AACTAs for best editing and best film.

Edited in FCP7, 2016/17.


MAD by Meryl Tankard - Editor

In 2017 I was able to work on two projects with dancer/choreographer/director Meryl Tankard: MAD and Two Feet.

MAD is a film inspired by the prolific award-winning writer of poetry and non-fiction, Sandy Jeffs, who is also a long-time sufferer of schizophrenia. Danced by Jana Castillo, sung by Mara Kiek and shot by Bonnie Elliot.

Directed by Meryl Tankard.

Edited in Premiere, 2017.


Two Feet by Meryl Tankard - Editor

Created and performed by Australian dancer/choreographer Meryl Tankard, Two Feet gives an insight into the rigours of extreme training and intense competition hidden behind the fragile image of the ballerina. Showing unreleased and remastered footage from 1990's, Two Feet follows two characters: a young contemporary dancer based on Meryl’s own experiences and Olga Spessivtzeva, a Russian ballerina renowned for her portrayal of Giselle.

Directed and performed by Meryl Tankard.

Edited in Premiere, 2017/18.


Hilltop Hoods - Co-Editor

A music video for single 'I'm a Ghost' by Hilltop Hoods off their Restrung tour.

Directed by Brent Buchanan.
Co-edited with Sean McDermot.

Edited in Premiere, 2016.


Ellipsis - Assistant Editor

David Wenham's first feature film starring Emily Barcaly and Benedict Samuel.

Directed by David Wenham.

Edited in FCP7, 2016.


'Chasing Asylum' Theatrical Trailer - Editor

Theatrical trailer for a film by Oscar winner Eva Orner about the Australian government's treatment and policies regarding Asylum Seekers.

Directed by Eva Orner.

Edited in Premiere, 2016.


'Spear' Theatrical Trailer - Editor

Trailer for a film by Stephen Page featuring Bangarra Dance Company.

Directed by Stephen Page

Edited in Premiere, 2015.


The Stand In  - Editor

A short film about a naïve young actor, drawn into the mystery surrounding the disappearance of a famous, former child star he is hired to replace. Based on the novel, ‘Actors Anonymous’ by James Franco and starring Whoopy Goldberg and Jacob Loeb.

Directed by Sam Icklow.
Executive Producer James Franco.

Edited in Avid, 2015.


Paper Planes - Assembly Editor

Feature film by Robert Connolly (Balibo, The Bank) starring Sam Worthington, Ed Oxenbould, Deborah Mailman and David Wenham. I was the Assembly Editor and First Assistant Editor to Nick Meyers throughout the entire process; from the production period in Perth, to post production in Sydney's Trackdown and Melbourne's DDP Studios.

Directed by Robert Connolly.
Edited by Nick Meyers.

Edited in FCP7, 2014


How to Get Clean - Editor

A short film adapted from a play by the same name about finding comfort in unexpected relationships.

Directed by Eden Falk.

Edited in Avid, 2014.


Josh - Editor

A short film about the fourth Hemsworth brother.

Directed by Stef Smith.

Edited in Premiere, 2013.


No Place Called Hell - Editor, VFX

A music video for single 'No Place Called Hell' by US artist Scott Matthew.

Directed by Beatrice Pegard Ferry.

Edited in FCP7, 2012.


Moscow Girl - Editor

Music video for UK artist Ali Love's single 'Moscow Girl'.

Directed by Camille Bennett and Joe Spray.

Edited in FCP7, 2010.


End it Tonight - Co-Editor 2007

A music video for a band I was in called teenagersintokyo.

Directed by Sam Icklow, a long time collaborator and friend, the video is an homage to passion, revenge, and all things Almodóvar.

Edited in Avid, 2007.


Very Vampyr - Editor

Music video for single 'Very Vampyr' by a band I used to be in called teenagersintokyo.

This was shot outside our old studio in Alexandria, while late working people from the neighbouring offices peered out of their windows, shaking their heads at our bonfire antics, our pile of garbage, and our loud amps and drums.

Directed by Adam Hunter.

Edited in FCP7, 2008.