First 129


The ecosystems we live in are changing around us. A slow motion disaster unfolds as we brush off the lasting consequences of our everyday choices.

First 129 is a collection of photographs and video works originally conceived to be part of Single Use, a group show at 107 Projects in Redfern with Kevina Jo-Smith. It consists of 12 limited edition photographs, and three video works.

The series sees lavish arrangements of modern items such as strawberries in a plastic boxes and apples in individual polystyrene cases, in the traditional Vanitas style of on 17th Century Dutch still life paintings. 

In the timelapse vidoes, the disintegration of the fruit and vegetables leaves behind the packaging in its original state. Cherries melt, strawberries are covered in a cloud of moss while around them the undeniable robustness of plastic endures.

All prints and videos are for sale, please email me directly for more information.