Music video for Sydney band Tear Council's single 'Anywhere'.

Spies, secret documents, surveillance, shady, slippery characters. Who's spying on whom?

Inspired by the true life surveillance of David Stratton! --In fact! the documents you see in the manila folder are slightly altered printouts of original ASIO files about Sydney Film Festival, and the surveillance photos mimic those taken of David Stratton (who was the Sydney Festival Director at the time).


Directing, editing, production and VFX by Miska Mandic
Cinematography by Jon Mark Oldmeadow
Camera assisting by Richard Maxton

Many thanks to Linda Marigliano and Luke Bacon, for their time, love and labour.

Shot on the Sony NEX 700 with Odyssey 7Q
Edited on Adobe Premiere
VFX in After Effects
Graded in Davinci Resolve